Subscription on learning

Welcome to the section Studying Moscow Kabbalah Center. Subscribing to it opens for you the possibility of comfortable continuous learning on any subject of interest. You will have round-the-clock access to the wisdom of the Kabbalah and the opportunity to maintain your consciousness at a high level every day.

Once you subscribe, you will be available:

  • Online broadcasts of all current events and classes (New Month, thematic lectures, Shabbat, holidays).
  • Records of past events and classes
  • Archive of records of in-depth study classes (Zohar class, 10 spirot, Rava Ashlaga manuscripts) for previous years
  • Archive of thematic lectures and workshops

Subscription plans

Ежемесячная подписка 2,900.00 Subscribe
Годовая подписка 27,800.00 Subscribe
Ежемесячная подписка + посещение 4,500.00 Subscribe
Годовая подписка + посещение 43,200.00 Subscribe

Subscription terms

Monthly: The amount is deducted each month automatically until you cancel your subscription.

Annual: Savings rubles as compared to the monthly tariff. At the beginning of each next year you need to manually renew your subscription. For more details about the subscription terms, please watch this link.