Kabbalistic Astrology Forecast for the week of Tu B'Av (11th – 17th of August)

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This is it! The three-week cosmic marathon  is ending at sunset this Sunday! We've all felt the cosmic heaviness of this time period. Thank God we begin a brand new time zone this week.

Let’s take a look at this week’s chart!

Actually, the cosmos is filled with 7 fire planets still, the Moon is in Happy Sagittarius, conjunct with the MC of the chart. It’s good for charm, positivity, and movement, both spiritually and physically.

Saturn is still conjunct with Pluto and the south node: the 3 malefics are still ganging up on us! In addition, no air to be found in this weeks’ chart! Care should be taken to communicate more harmoniously. Surprisingly, the charts’ rising is in philosophical Pisces! 

The cosmic objective this week, is to help us balance our minds (Sagittarius and Pisces) and our hearts (Leo)…

This is indeed the most difficult challenge we face every single day of our lives, since these 2 rarely agree with each other! Sometimes, the heart says “yes, I desire this situation, let’s go”, and our brain gets all its alarm system ringing! “What are you talking about, says the brain, no way!”

Why is it so difficult to work with both?

Kabbalists explain that the brain is the commander in chief of the body, the serious one. It receives the highest messages, whether they come from the Light, or from the dark side.

The brain is the siege of logic, knowledge, choices, and It’s definitely not a coincidence it is located in the upper part of our body, like a crown.
The heart, on the other hand, is situated one floor down! Its job is to center our desires and emotions, help us feel things, people, situations. Its downfall: it’s extremely impulsive, especially when it comes to sharing and love. Everyone has heard the famous sentence: “We need to follow how hearts” – well… kabbalistically... it’s not completely accurate!

Our task this week is complex indeed.

We need to hear what the brain has to say, and at the same time feel what the heart feels, and consolidate both messages!
This week is about giving brain and heart their rightful places. But let’s remember one small detail: the heart is a muscle! We don’t have a single chance of finding a neuron in the heart! Therefore “Thinking” with our hearts is not exactly a brilliant idea…

The gift of this week, is the full Moon of Leo, (Tu B'Av), known to be the  Kabbalistic Valentine’s Day!

As the full moon unites with the Sun (the ruler of Leo), the heart also unites with the head. On that day, a great harmony rules the universe, and we can finally see the truth about people, work partners, friends and lovers. Traditionally, on that day, the singles of the 12 tribes will all dress in white, and walk in the fields to find the other half of their soul. This is, by far, the happiest day of the year.

Let’s mark it in our calendars: the whole day of the 15th of August at nightfall, and the 16th. This should be a day of great joy and union for everybody.
Let’s be open to others, happy, connected with the cosmic harmony. 
Let’s get together and rejoice: every Kabbalah Centre in the world will be holding great events that night.

Who knows! Good surprises await us! It’s a great way to end this week!

Remember to meditate on Shin Aleph Hey, to reunite with our soul groups wherever they are!


Chag sameach to everyone!
Love, Yael