Kabbalistic Astrology Forecast for the week 18th – 24th of August

Yael Yardeni's Blog

Hi everyone! A very interesting week is ahead of us! What’s new?

We are actually starting a new marathon, it’s the marathon of the weeks that lead to the cosmic New Year, the New Moon of Libra called in the Kabbalah Rosh Hashana (literally: head of the year).

From a kabbalistic viewpoint there are 7 weeks between the 9th of Av (remember that challenging day of the year!) and Rosh Hashana, during which we are preparing our soul, our vessel and clearing up to receive the new Light and energy of the new year ahead.

Let's imagine for a moment  that our soul is like a battery that is rechargeable. The time to charge it again is on the cosmic new year. Most of us receive battery for the entire year to come, and some of us unfortunately, just get recharged for a shorter time.

In order for the recharge to be efficient, we  have 7 weeks to cleanse, understand, prepare a new "me", a new vessel, so we can get a cleaner and stronger energy for the next year.

What's the chart of this week like?

A lot of fire and water! A real boiler room! We are purified by water and fire!!

But this week, the water energy is taking a new form: it’s empowering our "sight" , and leading us towards more  intuitive decisions, new beginning and changes!

In fact, the rising sign of the chart is at the very beginning of Aries, while the Moon in Pisces is conjunct with Neptune retrograde, and the Black Moon! This stellium happens to be in the 12th astrological house… pheww all this sounds complicated!

The cosmic purpose is simple: helping us to look more within.

Guys let’s get ready, this week to be really tested! The cosmos is going to show us all our shortcomings, hidden agendas, the uncleanliness of our klippot (reactivity…etc)

The trick is not to become blue or depressed about it! To the contrary, it’s about eureka moments, flashes of understanding that we are not our shells, they just cover us and need to be peeled off – this way, we are really clearing up things!

Neptune, our muse this week, will guide us subconsciously a lot better, just like a GPS. But picture this: Jupiter is in its own house, the 9th which is amazing for moving forward, expanding our vessel, and feeling the energy of our potential!

This week, lets share our journey with others, let's open up about our hopes, our weaknesses, even our pain sometimes.

The best homework right now, is to go to friends we love very much and ask them: "Tell me… what do I need to change? What do you feel is getting me stuck in my spiritual journey…?"
Expect to have unbelievable feedbacks, amazing new sights and really grow from the experience.

To be continued! Have a great week!